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Michael Gielen Edition Vol. 5
Béla Bartók • Igor Strawinsky (Recordings 1967 – 2014)

Christian Ostertag: Violin | Robert Leonardy: Piano | Stella Doufexis: Mezzosoprano et al.
6 CD | | SWR19023CD

This fifth installment of the Michael Gielen EDITION contains works by Béla Bartók and Igor Stravinsky. Gielen greatly admired these composers, whose works he frequently performed. We thus continue the editorial plan for the Michael Gielen EDITION. ...

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Maurice Ravel
Complete Orchestral Works Vol. 5

Camille Poul: Soprano | Marie Karall: Mezzosoprano | Julie Pasturaud: Mezzosoprano et al.
1 CD | 62min | SWR19033CD

This CD is the fifth and final installment of Maurice Ravel’s Orchestral Works, bringing to a close the highly acclaimed cycle by the Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart and its chief conductor Stéphane Denève. ...

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Hans Rosbaud Conducts Wagner Overtures
SWF Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden | Hans Rosbaud: Conductor
1 CD | | SWR19036CD

This new series from the SWR Classic label presents largely unpublished recordings by Rosbaud of classical and romantic repertoire, starting with overtures by Richard Wagner. ...

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Dmitry Shostakovich
Symphony No. 8

Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart des SWR | Andrey Boreyko: Conductor
1 CD | 66min | SWR19037CD

One of the most important symphonies by Shostakovich. This is the fifth Shostakovich release featuring the Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart and Andrey Boreyko. A wonderful, passionate performance. ...